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Organization: Hertford County, NC
Salary: The beginning salary for the position is negotiable based on qualifications and experience.
Close Date: The first review of applications is scheduled for March 11, 2024.

Job Description:

Hertford County covers 360.4 square miles and is located in eastern North Carolina bordering Virginia. The County is home to roughly 21,000 residents who have long enjoyed quiet southern living. Winton is the County seat and there are five additional incorporated jurisdictions in the County. Hertford County is located 120 miles from Raleigh, NC; 104 miles from Richmond, VA; and 100 miles from the Outer Banks. NC. It is within an hour of the largest natural deep-water harbor in the world. Its location allows the County to utilize two states (NC and VA) for infrastructure, resources, and workforce development.

Hertford County is a thriving community where agriculture and manufacturing are its economic backbone. County leaders and developers have been strategically planning for business growth which to date has resulted in the development of the Hertford County Industrial Park and other identified commercial sites. Chowan University, a four-year liberal arts institution founded in 1848, and Roanoke-Chowan Community College, a two-year institution of higher education founded in 1967, are both located in Hertford County. They produce highly skilled graduates who are prepared to fill positions resulting from business expansion and development opportunities. Hertford County has high quality technical infrastructure resources, making it prime for residential and commercial expansion. The County provides a host of events throughout the year for all age ranges. Visit Hertford County on the Web at

The Hertford County Board of County Commissioners (Board) is the County government’s chief legislative and policy making body. The Board consists of five members who each represent a district. However, they are elected at large. The Commissioners serve four-year staggered terms. The Chair and Vice-Chair are appointed from among its members during its December annual organizational meeting. The current Board is cohesive. All five members work collaboratively with one another. The County is politically and administratively stable. It is financially strong and provides excellent services which are appreciated by supportive citizens.
The Board appoints the County Manager, the Clerk to the Board, the County Attorney, the Tax Assessor, and the Tax Collector. Hertford County’s FY 23-24 Total Budget is $34,400,189 of which $29,428,456 comprises the General Fund. The County’s fiscal year is July 1 to June 30.
The Hertford County Manager position is an excellent professional opportunity.
Hertford County is geographically positioned for immediate economic growth. Economic development is an important goal for the County. Through proactive planning and commitment to sustainable economic development, Hertford County is well positioned to maintain its rural values and its diversity with balanced growth for decades to come. This is already happening.

The mission of the Hertford County Economic Development Department is:
“To provide focused economic development services to retain, attract, and grow targeted businesses, while promoting entrepreneurship to achieve well thought out development, along with balancing respect for rural heritage, in order to diversify and strengthen Hertford County.”

The County Manager is appointed by the Board and serves as the County’s chief administrator. S/he is responsible for the daily operations of the County and supervises all departments under the Board’s control. In addition, the County Manager serves as the County’s budget officer and, as such, annually develops and presents to the Board the County’s operating budget, including revenues and expenditures, consideration, and adoption. The County Manager is responsible for implementing the ordinances and policies adopted by the Board. In essence, the County Manager’s role is to ensure that County administration operates properly under the direction of the Board.

Key Skill Areas and Duties:
People Management: Implement innovative approaches to improve employee performance; supervision; empower staff members to see their role supporting County business; optimize day-to-day operations; must have the ability to determine workforce needs.

Budgetary management: Must have strong budgetary skills to ensure fiscal accountability to residents. The County Manager will be responsible for creating budgets that support County operations.

Communication: Must communicate concisely and provide transparency, and practice diplomacy and impartiality when working with various stakeholders. Work will include communicating via media and making presentations. The Manager will be working and collaborating routinely with members of various government entities. capital investors, Board and committee members, and residents.

Problem-solving: The position requires the ability to make sound decisions in emergency situations. Must be able to use data analysis tools and apply critical thinking skills based on logic and reasoning to prevent, mitigate and/or resolve problems. Must use an effective collaborative problem-solving approach when working with team members.

Operations Management: Must oversee all public services and ensure that the County is operating properly in the direction of the Board of Commissioners. The Manager must provide risk management oversight protecting County assets to prevent data vulnerability.

Policy Development: Must review and update policies to reflect effective business practices that align with the delivery of quality services that support good governance. Must have comprehensive knowledge of local, state, and federal laws and guidelines.

Project and Acquisition Management: Must have proven economic development skills including the ability to attract business opportunities using various marketing strategies and be familiar with effective project management tools.

Job Requirements Include:
Education: Minimum of a Bachelor's degree in Public or Business Administration, Public Policy, Finance, Economics, Urban Planning, Economic and Community Development, or a related field.

Master’s degree preferred.

Experience: Minimum of 7 years of progressively responsible and successful experience in county or municipal government at an executive level.


The Ideal Candidate: The new County Manager will provide strategic direction to County operations and use innovative approaches to achieve County goals set forth by the Board. For this County Manager to be successful, s/he must have effective communication skills and have dynamic interpersonal skills and the ability to build and maintain internal and external relationships. The County is seeking someone who is a proactive problem-solver and who supports efforts to maintain the County's good governance status. The County Manager must be able to use modern software tools for managing information and making informed decisions. S/he must have a record of accomplishment in building economic growth and community development i.e., securing business opportunities and managing highly complex projects. Hertford County is seeking someone who values and can provide accountability and shares and models its core values so as to support and ensure a high quality of life for County residents.
Compensation and Benefits The compensation for the position is negotiable based on qualifications and experience.
Application and Selection Process The recruitment will remain open until the position is filled. The first review of applications is scheduled for March 11, 2024. To apply, please send a letter of application, detailed resume, and current salary to:

Robert E. Slavin, President or Barbara Lipscomb, Managing Consultant
3040 Holcomb Bridge Road, Suite A-1
Norcross, Georgia 30071
Phone: (770) 449-4656
Fax: (770) 416-0848
Electronic submissions are required.

Hertford County is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values diversity and is committed to hiring a qualified, diverse workforce.

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