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Organization: City of Clinton, SC
Close Date: The position will remain open until filled and the process will move forward immediately upon receipt of an adequate pool of well-qualified applicants.

Job Description:

The City of Clinton is a special place where you will find friendly citizens and small-town charm. The proud home of Presbyterian College, Clinton is nestled in the heart of upstate South Carolina and has a population of 8500 and covers ten square miles. Clinton is situated within minutes of I-385 and I-26 and is less than an hour's drive from the metropolitan centers of Columbia, Greenville, and Spartanburg.

Clinton has many attractive neighborhoods and an excellent education system. The crime rate is low and City services are top-notch. Clinton's commitment to citizen-driven strategic planning has resulted in a vibrant, enthusiastic community focused on enhancing all aspects of the City. Clinton provides a wonderful place to raise your children. Clinton has it all. 

The City has a council/manager form of government. The City Council (“Council”) is the policy making and legislative body of City government and includes a mayor and six council members. The Mayor is elected at large with the Council elected by districts on a non-partisan basis. The Council members serve staggered four-year terms. Elections are held in March of odd numbered years.

The City Manager, the chief administrative officer, is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Council and is responsible for carrying out the policies and ordinances of the Council and administering the daily operations and programs of the City through department directors and staff members. Clinton is a full-service city that provides a wide range of services to its citizens including law enforcement, fire protection, public safety, planning and developmental services, sanitation, street maintenance, cemeteries, cultural and recreational activities, general administration, and community development. In addition to these general government activities, the City provides and maintains water, sewer, and electric utilities for the benefit of its citizens. The City also jointly participates in the Clinton Newberry Natural Gas Authority with the City of Newberry.

The City also extends financial support to certain boards, agencies, and commissions to assist their efforts in serving its citizens. Among these are the Laurens County Library, Laurens County Chamber of Commerce, Clinton YMCA, and the Clinton Economic Development Corporation. The City is empowered to levy a property tax on both real and personal properties located within its boundaries. It also is empowered by state statute to extend its corporate limits by annexation, which encouraged by the City Council. The City’s current total budget is $31.5 M of which $7.3 M is the General Fund. There are 118 FTE’s. Visit Clinton on the web at:

The City Council is seeking a high energy professional local government manager with experience in the council-manager form of government who is willing to work proactively with the City Council to ensure the success of this growing community. The City is in the process of making significant upgrades to its capital facilities and is looking for an individual who is willing to make a long-term commitment to the City in order to see these projects to fruition.

The successful candidate will have demonstrated the capability of leading the organization forward and has the following traits and/or experiences which are highly desired and/or required:

• Strong, capable, high energy, “hands on” leader with a track record in economic development, public utilities management, and community development and redevelopment who can lead the organization forward in a visionary and transparent manner using the necessary tools to ensure quality development and controlled growth.
• Experience working with residential developers to bring appropriate, quality, new housing at varying price points and for various constituencies (families, retirees, students, etc.) to support appropriate community growth.
• Significant background in utilities delivery and/or contracts (electric, water and wastewater) to include establishing competitive rate structures and capital renovations and improvements in support of the community’s and area’s revitalization and growth.
• A strong communicator with the ability to collaborate with Council, share and provide meaningful new and updated information to all Council members in a truthful, forthright, and timely manner so all Council members receive the same information at the same time without a communication gap.
• An active and engaged professional willing to collaborate with community partners on strategies for successful growth and development as well as functioning in a cooperative manner with such partners to enhance resources and yield significant results for long-term sustainability.
• A leader who is approachable, open-minded, discreet, courteous, and kind to staff and willing to invest in, train and develop a strong, technically savvy employee base with the ability to successfully administer the policies and programs of the City.
• A leader willing to work and communicate with all members of the community and listen to all sides to move the government and community forward.
• A leader who is consistent in enforcement of policies and procedures.
• A leader who has a clear understanding of the regulatory environment (rules and regulations) and how to maintain or change them in an initiative-taking manner in accordance with City Council policies and objectives.
• A leader who can provide rational, timely and consistent enforcement, where applicable, throughout the City.
• A leader who is willing to provide annual, or as necessary, internal Strategic Planning processes, workshops, updates and partnering meetings as well as utilize same or other appropriate committee structure(s) to inform the City Council and keep projects and programs on track and, where necessary, facilitate such planning processes with other facets of the community.
• A leader who is available to the citizens, listens to the various concerns and varying viewpoints, and can properly respond either personally or through staff.
• Knowledge of South Carolina law is a “plus;” however, the ability to understand various legal concepts relating to the development and sustainability of the organization is necessary.

A detailed recruitment profile for this position is available at

Requirements include Education and experience equivalent to a bachelor's degree in public or business administration (MPA preferred) combined with significant experience as a local government manager or assistant manager in a diverse community, preferably one with utilities. Ideal experience would also include strategic planning, economic development, organizational analysis, and outcome-based organizational performance measurement. Must understand the elements of economic sustainability in a growing and diverse city. The successful candidate must clearly possess and apply superior communication, organizational management and staff leadership skills and abilities. Although not required, electric utility experience would be a plus.

To Apply: The position will remain open until filled and the process will move forward immediately upon receipt of an adequate pool of well-qualified applicants. If interested, please email your resume and cover letter with current salary right away to For additional information about this job, contact Robert E. Slavin or Barbara Lipscomb at Slavin Management Consultants by phone at (770) 449-4656 or by email at


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