County Administrator

Organization: Tazewell County, Illinois
Salary: Compensation: Salary and benefits are negotiable and are anticipated to be highly competitive.
Close Date: December 23, 2011

Job Description:

Tazewell County, seated in Pekin, is located in central Illinois on the Illinois River adjacent to Peoria County and about 2 ˝ hours from both Chicago and St. Louis. The County was formed in 1827 out of Peoria County. It is part of the Peoria-Pekin Metropolitan Statistical Area which has an estimated 2010 population of 352,164. Tazewell County’s 2010 approximated population was 135,394. Tazewell County covers 658 square miles and is among the largest counties in Illinois. Tazewell County is an attractive blend of urban and rural. Agriculture remains a vital component of the County’s economy. County schools are excellent - - many are tops in the state. There is a strong commitment to maintaining a high quality of life within friendly and welcoming communities. Tazewell County and the region also provide great cultural, sporting and recreational amenities. Tazewell County offers something for everyone.

Tazewell County operates under the Board/Administrator form of government. The legislative powers are vested in a twenty-two member County Board. Board members are elected by district, on a partisan basis, to four-year overlapping terms. The Chair of the Board is elected at-large. The Board functions under a committee system. The Board Chair appoints members to six standing committees: Executive and Risk Management; Health; Human Resources and Finance; Land Use; Property; and Transportation. The full Board meets monthly. Committee meetings take place throughout the month. The County Board appoints the County Administrator who serves at the Board's pleasure. With County Board approval, the Administrator appoints and removes and has full administrative authority over all personnel in positions under the jurisdiction of the Board except as otherwise prescribed by state law. Functions under the County Board include Animal Control, Assessments, Community Development, Emergency Management, Human Resources, Buildings and Grounds, Highway and Information Technology. In addition, the County Administrator serves as the Board’s representative to all departments, including those administered by elected officials, for budget and labor matters. Tazewell County has no debt and has the fourth lowest property tax rate in Illinois. The 2012 County Budget is $56,200,000. There are 520 full and part-time County employees and seven (7) recognized employee bargaining units.

The County Administrator is required to have extensive administrative and management ability and thorough knowledge and expertise in local government management, public finance, operations and capital budgeting, project management, financial management, long-range strategic planning, public personnel management, labor relations, and community and intergovernmental relations. Must be skilled in the coordination and leadership of diverse departments and functions, have extensive experience in service to elected and/or appointed boards of directors, and possess excellent written and oral communication skills and interpersonal skills.

This level of knowledge and ability is typically demonstrated by a Master's degree in Public Administration from an accredited college or university combined with extensive experience in increasingly responsible positions requiring the planning and execution of administrative operations in complex public or private organizations similar in size and scope as Tazewell County.

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