City Manager

Organization: City of St. Joseph, Missouri
Salary: The City Council is committed to providing a highly competitive salary and benefits package. The details will be negotiated and included in an employment agreement.
Close Date: March 14, 2011

Job Description:

St. Joseph is located on the Missouri River north of the Kansas City metropolitan area. It is the county seat for Buchanan County and the central service provider for a seven-county region of over 163,400. St. Joseph is supported by a healthy and diverse economic base. This unique community provides residents with an outstanding quality of life with amenities. These include exquisite historic architecture, a continuous 26-mile parkway system and an exceptional network of family oriented parks. Residents are provided quality educational opportunities including excellent public schools, a four-year state university, a two-year private community college and a privately operated post-secondary vocational technical school. St. Joseph historical links include the Pony Express and Jesse James and many fine museums. Assets, including a river boat casino and related river front development, as well as the establishment of the County Tourism Bureau, increase the importance of tourism as one of the City's major new growth industries. These features, combined with its close proximity to the Kansas City metropolitan area and Kansas City International Airport, its relatively low cost of living and its low crime rate, make St. Joseph an attractive location for families and businesses.

The City of St. Joseph is a first class city with a charter form of government. The charter provides for a "Council-Manager” government. Accordingly, a City Manager is appointed by the City Council for an indefinite period and serves as the City's chief administrative officer. Governance is provided by a nine-member City Council containing a Mayor and three Council members nominated and elected at-large and five Council members elected by district. Council members serve concurrent four-year terms and are elected on a nonpartisan basis. The present City Manager is leaving voluntarily. He has been with the City since 1990 and has been manager since 2002. Although impacted by the current international recession, the City has adjusted and remains in a strong financial position. Its Standard and Poors bond rating is A+. St. Joseph is a full-service government which functions on a current year operating budget of $158M plus a $58M capital budget. The City employs 660.

Qualifications: Bachelors Degree (Masters preferred) and demonstrated successful experience as a chief executive or full assistant, preferably in a comparable local government. Some private sector experience would be a plus. Must be a self-starter and a proven leader with exemplary communications skills who is committed to sustaining the City’s excellent financial condition, developing staff into a cohesive team, building City Council trust and confidence, and winning community and intergovernmental support for Council policies.

The City Council is committed to providing a highly competitive salary and benefits package. The details will be negotiated and included in an employment agreement.

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